"Trusted. Professional. Customer Service you will remember."


My name in Davide (Dah - vee-dai), and I am from Piemonte, a beautiful wine region in northwestern Italy. For more than 20 years, I have been working in Orlando, Florida. My initial job here was in Disney's EPCOT theme park, working at the Italian pavilion through a cultural exchange program. My visit turned into a stay of 19 years at Disney. My experiences included working as a professional server and bartender for Alfredo's "The Original of Rome" restaurant, where i tossed the world's most famous fettuccine alfredo with the Golden Spoon and Fork for many guests, which included VIPs.

When Alfredo's closed in the theme park, I became a restaurant manager for the two remaining dining restaurants in the Italy pavilion. My position included the leadership of the wine training program as a first-level sommelier, and coordinating special visits. In my restaurant career, I have had the pleasure to serve well-known people, such as former President Jimmy Carter, Queen Elizabeth, her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, John Travolta, Michael J. Fox, Roy Disney, and many others.

After 31 years in the fine restaurant and grand hotel business in multiple countries, I decided to make a change and start my own business. It was my time to achieve "the American dream." Continuing in a serving industry, it is my passion to now serve people "on wheels" instead of in a restaurant. My goal is to serve people of any class from any country and in any language, greeting them with a smile on my face. My dedicated passion for this job comes from my many life experiences in serving others.

If you select me to assist with your transportation needs, I want to assure you that I will be on top of any details and will work to exceed your expectations. I always give my best effort.

Thank you for your business!

If you are a return customer, I also want to thank you for your loyalty in using my service!


Why Use Me?

I am a skilled and professional driver with 37 years of driving in Italy, Bermuda and the United States of America. I am punctual and honest, with vast knowledge of the greater central Florida area and attractions, and a clean SUV that is always ready to fulfill my business and casual clienteles' needs.