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Our cancellation policy is very flexible but straight forward. when you make a reservation and pre paid you may cancel up to 2 days or 48 hours in advance, we will retain a 10% fee for the credit card processing. if you fail to let us know that you like to cancel you will be charge for the no show which it will be 100% and not refundable.

If your plane is delaying because of weather or mechanical, we are trucking your flight and we will be there when you are landing. If you change your flight information at the last minute and you fail to advise us on time and we dispatch our driver to pick you up, it will be consider a no show and you will be charge in full. If you landed and you are not going to the carousel to collect your luggages in the timely manner, because you decided to go to eat at the food court instead without notify the chaffeur and (thinking that the chaffeur will wait for you) and the carousel get clear in the mean time, and you decided to show up, you will be charge a waiting time at $1,50 per minute up to 59 minutes, after that it will be consider a 2 hour charter at $90.00 per hours. If you do not show up and you do not advise the chaffeur that you have landed and the carousel clear, the chaffeur will consider a no show and you will be charge in full. Your fare is based from point A to point B only, if you decide to stop for not an authorized stop or changing destination, you will be charge additional fees from the chaffeur directly.